Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

October was such a busy month for our family, but we loved it all the same! We started the month of getting a super fun package from Grandma and Grandpa in Sweden! The kids loved their treats, movie and new shirts!

We had a few parties early in the month. With Year Round school Hailie and Parker were going off track so we had their class parties early before they went off track. I loved being able to go help in their classes! Chloe also had a preschool field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.

I was recently put in as a Young Women's Advisor in our ward, up next was a Witches Night Out combined Young Women Activity. We played games and all dressed up like Witches. Here are the ladies I work with.

A day or two later, I looked out the window and was so grateful to see SUPERMAN our checking on us! I was so glad he was making sure we were all safe at home.

Hailie and I were able to go to THRILLER! It was the First time for both of us. Hailie was really scared at the first, but it all worked out and she enjoyed the dances in the end! We loved finding Taylor in the dances.

Then it was family picture time and Ashley was Amazing. I love how they all turned out and I can't stop looking at them! Thanks Ashley!!!

We live right down the street from a pumpkin patch. We took the kids there and they all picked out a pumpkin. It was fun helping them choose one they thought was perfect!

A few days later it was time to carve. Chloe and Parker wanted SCARY ones so we tried to deliver. They all hated cleaning out the pumpkins. So Josh and I ended up cleaning all 4! Hailie did awesome and carved her own all by herself for the first time!

The results, Way to go Kids!

This is the best picture we get of Connor lately, he is always moving!

Last night we had a family party with my Parents. We ate dinner and played games. The kids had a good time and each got a bag of goodies. And finally it is Halloween Night. The kids are headed out Trick Or Treating. Josh took them all and then Chloe and Parker came back after awhile. He is still out with Hailie and her friend as I type this. I'm glad they had a fun time!

Happy Halloween Everyone, Bring on November!

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